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Day 2: Free Chips and Drink



Mention this deal to redeem. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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Super Hero Day is Sept. 25th

Super Hero Day is Sept. 25 at Planet Sub

*To enter the Free Subs for a year contest, pictures must be posted on either our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages using @planetsub and the hashtag #SUPERHERODAY and #PSUB. No purchase necessary. Free subs for a year defined as one free six inch sub per week for 52 weeks.

Planet Sub Aims to Plant 15,000+ Trees for Earth Day

Trees for the FutureFor the second year in a row, Planet Sub is planting one tree for every sandwich they sell on Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015. The company has once again partnered with non-profit Trees for the Future, committing to planting trees in the developing world.

Last year, the oven­-baked sandwich franchise was able to plant 8,149 ​trees, but this year with several new stores open, and some new ideas, they’ve increased their goal to 15,000​ trees.

“Last year we saw our customers come out and really embrace the campaign,” said Trevor Forssell, Marketing Director for the 34 unit sandwich chain, “we’re extending the crowdfunding to include catering this year, which we hope will generate some early numbers for the campaign. We are going to work with our best catering customers and invite them to be a partner alongside us this Earth Day!” Planet Sub has committed to plant one tree for every $5 in catering placed for Earth Day, 2015.

With the singular goal of “Planting Trees, Changing Lives”, Trees for the Future helps to revitalize degraded lands by providing farmers with tree seed, technical training, and on­site planning assistance in hopes of helping people save their homes and way of life. Trees for the Future currently has operations in 19 different countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America and have plans to plant their one hundred millionth tree some time this June.

Planet Sub has 34 units, with over 80 franchise stores in current development.Planet Sub to plant one tree for every sub sold


Planet Sub celebrates 2nd National Joe Day (March 27th, 2015)

National_Joe_Day_at_PSUBPlanet Sub is buying anyone named “Joe” a free six inch sandwich this Friday for National Joe Day. This marks the 2nd year the oven-baked sandwich chain has offered their customers named Joe a free sandwich. The offer extends to anyone with “Joe” as part of their first name, including names like “Joanne, Josephine, Joey, Joseph, Mary-Jo, etc.”  In addition to the 100% sandwiches for the Joes, Planet Sub is offering “friends of Joe” a discounted sub at $3.99 (but they must have a Joe with them). Director of Marketing Trevor Forssell said, “We are piggy-backing on other creative promotions like ‘super hero day’ to continue to develop our unique relational marketing platform.”

Last year the 38 unit sandwich franchise served up over 300 free sandwiches to the Joe’s, and they aim to beat that number this year. They are launching a social media campaign to “Tag-a-Joe” with hopes that their fans will act as an organic platform to reach the Joe’s.

Director of Marketing, Trevor Forssell, said, “When we discovered National Joe Day, we started to get very excited at the prospect of celebrating it through a promotion like this. The idea that anyone named Joe would be getting multiple invites to a free lunch by their friends and co-workers really brought a smile to everyone’s face.”

To redeem this offer, Joe’s need to bring their photo ID along with them to any Planet Sub restaurant on Friday March 27th. More information can be found on the brand’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/planetsub.

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New Chips on the Block

New Chips on the Block

Kettle Chips - now available at Planet Sub


We are excited to officially announce our recent partnership with Kettle Brand chips! To celebrate this (along with National Potato Chip Day), we are offering ONE (1) FREE BAG OF CHIPS with the purchase of any 6″ sub, large salad, or wrap: all day Saturday & Sunday*. 

*Not valid with other offers, promotions, discounts, or for delivery orders. Offer holds no cash value. Void where prohibited. State sales tax when applicable. 

Here are a few reasons why we’ve made the switch to Kettle Brand:
• 0 grams trans fat
• No MSG
• No Preservatives
• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO Ingredients
• Made with Natural Ingredients

We’ll see you this weekend!


Save the receipts! SubStubs is Planet Sub's new receipt program

This year we are pleased to be introducing something new in all of our restaurants: #SubStubs!

  • What are Sub Stubs: A friendly little piece of text added to the bottom of your receipt that offers you a tasty discount off any purchase made in the next 3 days.
  • Introducing SubStubsHow do I get one: Save your receipt from any participating Planet Sub location whenever #SubStubs are in-season, and make sure you use it within the next 3 days.
  • What are the rules: In order to redeem, you’ll need to purchase at least one main menu item (sub, salad, wrap), and also show your original receipt attached to your #SubStub that proves it’s been within 3 days.
  • What’s with the hashtag: Hey – people like sharing when they score a good deal. It’s science – we checked. If you want to share the good news from the rooftops (or from your twitter account), you can use the handy-dandy hashtag: #SubStubs to keep up with the Joneses and see how your meal stacks up. #TakePics

We are going to use #SubStub’s periodically to offer our best customers a deal on their favorite meals, but act fast because each time we release a new #SubStub, you’ll only have a few days / weeks until they’re gone again.



Breaducation 101

Frozen Subway Bread

Millard Refrigerated Services makes and freezes dough for hundreds of Subway restaurants throughout the Northwest.

If they say their bread is fresh, then ask to see their mixer. But what does that really mean? What does it matter if a restaurant has or doesn’t have a mixer? Good questions, the exact questions we hope to answer through the re-breaducation of sandwich lovers everywhere, starting with you.

The truth is, our competitors hope that you don’t read this. They hope you are content with their dirty little secret: there is no flour, no mixer, and no “fresh” dough in the back of their restaurants. “But wait,” you might think, “I’ve seen (xyz sandwich chain) cooking ‘fresh’ bread in the front of their restaurant with my own eyes.” While this is true, and their customers do see bread rise and bake right before their eyes, it’s what they don’t see that is truly important: where did that bread come from?

“Surely they must just mix it in the back,” you might think, but we’re here to tell you, that’s just not the case. In nearly every one of the national chain sandwich shops, they use something called “Par-bake” technology. It’s the process by which their “fresh” dough is made in mass production in a factory, infused with preservatives, dough conditioners like azodicarbonamide and other toxic ingredients designed to make the bread last longer, look fresher, and of course, lower costs of production.
Breaducation, Planet Sub, Sandwich Shop

While this process is commonplace today, it didn’t used to be. Back in 1979, when Planet Sub took root as Yello Sub in Lawrence, Kansas, we made every loaf of bread the old fashioned way: mixed in the store from flour, yeast, butter, water, sugar, and salt, then rolled out by hand, then proofed and baked prior to being served.  While the recipe has changed over the years (most recently by removing butter to make our bread 100% vegan), the process has not. Making bread this way takes extra: extra labor, extra time, extra room in the kitchen to store ingredients, and extra craftsmanship. After all, not just anybody could be tasked to make the beloved recipe, and there was also a sense of pride in even being able to “roll out a batch”.

We are here, through this breaducation process, to tell you that this principle is alive and well at every single Planet Sub restaurant. We’ve always made our bread by hand, from scratch, and we always will.  It’s laughable to know that there isn’t a single cup of flour in the back of our competitors restaurants. It’s frustrating to know that they have some people fooled, that the frozen bread icicles they serve might actually be passed off as something fresh, or even healthy. It’s like taking a TV dinner from the freezer section, serving it up at Thanksgiving dinner, and then telling your guests that you slaved all day to make the meal fresh. Lies!

In fact, the word fresh is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: Newly produced, made, or gathered. Not preserved by being frozen, canned, etc. How can a company freeze their product, and turn around and call it fresh? Easy: marketing dollars and celebrity endorsements. Well, good friends, it’s time to redefine fresh, breaducate the masses, and start spreading the word.

-Planet Sub

Planet Sub Opens New Franchise in St. Joseph, MO

St. Joseph, Planet Sub, Sub Sandwich ShopPlanet Sub recently opened in St. Joseph, Missouri marking the first new prototype store in near proximity to the Midwest chain’s corporate headquarters.

“I have been eating at Planet Sub in Kansas City for years and always thought one would go over great in St. Joe,” said franchisee Shannon Johnson. “The feedback since we’ve opened has been great from everyone. Multiple customers have asked, ‘Why didn’t you open Planet Sub up years ago?’”

Being only 45 minutes away from the majority of the corporate stores, opening a new unit in St. Joseph was a markedly delicate decision; “We knew the demand for the product was great, it seems like every week someone was demanding we open a store up there,” said director of marketing, Trevor Forssell. “But we had to be sure the location was excellent and that the operator would maintain unwavering brand integrity before we would allow a unit to open that close to home base. We feel like we’ve found that in the site as well as with Shannon.”

The location is an endcap directly off the Belt Hwy, the main vein of St. Joseph in the Shoppes in North Village. The lifestyle center has multiple national tenants as well as complimentary dining options, and also places the unit central enough to service a large area with both delivery and catering.

“The St. Joseph store really is a testament to the direction of the brand as a whole,” said Director of Franchising, Ryan Joy. “Two years ago, we stood in the exact same center considering opening a corporate unit, and here we are today passing the opportunity on to a very excited franchisee. Our focus and vision for the development of the franchise system has never been stronger.”

Johnson added, “I’ve had numerous customers say, ‘this might be the best sandwich I have ever had.’ It makes me immeasurably proud knowing that our product is truly that good, and when people tell me they are interested in opening a Planet Sub, all I can say is, go for it. I wish I had done this years ago.”

Planet Sub in St. Joseph: 5301 North Belt Highway, Suite 115, St. Joseph, MO., 64506. (816) 368-5953