Fresh Bread Made From Scratch

At Planet Sub , we know that every sandwich needs a strong foundation — and in the case of our fresh-made sandwiches, we could never settle for less than baked in-store, never frozen, made by hand, 100% from scratch and fresh bread. Most sub shops hope you won’t notice their bread, because it’s frozen.

Why Bread Made From Scratch?

To the other guys, “fresh bread” means fresh from the freezer.
At Planet Sub , it’s a much different story. When we say fresh bread, we mean dough that’s mixed in store, rolled out by hand, and baked every morning in our ovens. To us, fresh bread means good, old-fashioned from-scratch cooking.

That’s why you’ll find the Planet Sub team mixing, rolling out, and baking our signature recipe each morning. Many of our locations even offer gluten-free bread for those who require a special diet. We’re committed to creating fresh, healthy, authentic sandwiches for our customers, and we know you’ll find our fresh bread nothing short of delicious.

Need proof? Visit Planet Sub to try our bread made from scratch. Call your local Planet Sub to order for pickup, or place an online order.