3rd Annual “Joe Day” is March 25th

National_Joe_Day_at_PSUBPlanet Sub is buying anyone named “Joe” a free six inch sandwich this Friday for National Joe Day. This marks the 3rd year the oven-baked sandwich chain has offered their customers named “Joe” a free sandwich. The offer extends to anyone with “Joe” as part of their first name, including names like “Joanne, Josephine, Joey, Joseph, Mary-Jo, etc.”  In addition to the 100% free sandwiches for the Joes, Planet Sub is offering “friends of Joe” a discounted sub at $3.99 (but they must have a Joe with them).

Last year the 40-unit sandwich franchise served up over 750 free sandwiches to the Joe’s, and another 693 $3.99 sandwiches to all of the “friends of Joe”, and they aim to beat that number this year. They are re-launching a social media campaign to “Tag-a-Joe” with hopes that their fans will act as an organic platform to reach the Joe’s, just as they did last year.

Director of Marketing, Tyler Cordel, said, “Last year we saw a huge increase in Joe day participation. We more than doubled the number of Joes from 2014 to 2015, but I think we can reach even more Joes this year.”

To redeem this offer, Joe’s need to bring their photo ID along with them to any Planet Sub restaurant on Friday March 25th. More information can be found on the brand’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/planetsub.

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